Saturday, March 28, 2009

Live-Blog Earth Hour

I was planing on live blogging Earth hour in about 24 minutes from now but I forgot to check which time zone 8:30pm - 9:30pm is in. Does any one know?

8:32pm Ok look. It doesnt matter what time zone 8:30pm is in, the fact that it is FINALLY hear should be good enough. Even if I missed it (because in Australia, Japan, etc its already tomorrow) I am at least doing my part. I turned off the light but there is still some sunlight coming in. Does that count?

8:40pm It is startig to get dark. Cant see the keyboard very well. I am going tot urn on the TV and use the residual light so I can see what I'm typing. Also got some green tea. Its still warm. blah

8:46pm WELL this just cheeses my curds. I went to go get some ice for my green tea and saw that the people across the street still have there lights on. I will brb in a minute.

8:58pm That did not go so well. I was real polite to. I went acrost the street and knocked on there door. Then the dude opened the door and I was like: "Sir, you need to turn off your lights. Its Earth Hour"

He was all like: "What?"

And I was all like: "ITs Earth Hour. You need to turn off your lights for one hour until 930pm."

Then he was all like: "Who are you?" Which was bogus because he knows me from across the street.

I was all: "Sir, please. You need to think about the Earth"

Then he was all: "Get off mah porch!"

So I reached inside his door to turn off a light and accidentaly turned on his porch light. Then he was all pushing me away and his wife was all: "Im calling the police"

I was like: "big deal, I been arrested before."

Then he was all like: "I have a gun in this house"

Which I took as a indirect threat so I left.

9:06pm I feel like we're really making a difference. Also I just (accidental) urinated on the toilet seat. That is a small price to pay for saving are environment.

9:11pm Its really dark now. I could totaly run around naked and nobody outside would see me.

9:18pm L O L. They relly called the cops. Their is a deputy across the street!

9:22pm Crud. I left the freezer open. Now my ice cream is soft. Doorbell

9:10am Sorry for no end of Earth HOur updates. I had some company. The cops. What happened was they came over and rung the doorbell. At first I was like (thinking): "If I dont open the door they will think no one is home." Then I remembered I left the TV and my computer on so I had to answer the door.

The cop was all like: "Good evening sir, My name is Officer (XYZ (not real name). I have had some complaints about some harassment in the neighborhood."

Then I was all: "I would also like to lodge a complaint. Those people (across the street) didnt turn off there lights for Earth Hour."

And he was all: "Sir?"

And I was all like: "Its Earth Hour and they have there lights on. That should be a crime against Earth"

Then he was like: "I'm going to need you to put some pants on"

And I was all like: "Fine"

Then he came in and we chit chatted a bit and I come to find out that Earth Hour was voluntary!

What good is a Earth Hour if you get to CHOOSE to participate? I hope next year they pull there heads out.


mack said...

Omigod, that's so funny ..

Anon. said...

I fail to see the humor. His pissing on the toilet seat due to his efforts to save the planet is not a subject of mirth. It's an example of the tragic price we sometimes have to pay. Speaking of which, that neighbor, notjack, should've been told he needs to leave Earth (at least for earth hour).


Anon. said...

wow I just read the rest.

That's a chilling tale.