Tuesday, March 31, 2009

United Kingdom: Not Very Big

President Obama's White House finaly put those damn Brits in there place:

So here's what the White House is telling American reporters - and by extension the American people - about Britain. It's laid out in an inch-thick "press kit", with the Seal of the President of the United States emblazoned on the cover, handed out to each of us on board the White House press charter...

The United Kingdom, we are told, is "slightly smaller than Oregon"

Keepin' it real, yo.

...taken through the Roman invasion ("brought more active contacts with the rest of Europe"), the Norman invasion (led to "active involvement in European affairs...for several hundred years") and various travails with the Welsh, Scots and Irish before the British empire reached its zenith in Victorian times.

Honesty. A hall mark long missing from the White House during the bu$h junta. Remeber when the neocons were all about how France is always getting defeated, surrender, etc? In the spirit of honesty does this mean we get to talk about how the damn brits are a bunch of "really heavy fruit cake eating surrender monkeys"?

Then it all started to go wrong. "The losses and destruction of World War I, the depression of the 1930s, and decades of relatively slow growth eroded the United Kingdom's preeminent international position of the previous century".

Not so big and strong any more, are you? Damn fish-and-chips eating blokes anyway. Always having to make Americans pull your nutz out of the fire.

Those fretting about the demise of the term "special relationship" might not be reassured by this briefing book. There's talk of a "strong bilateral relationship", of the UK being "one of the United States' closest allies" and of "close coordination" and "bilateral cooperation" between two countries who "continually consult on foreign policy". Everything except "special".

See? There not so speical any more. I am glad some one (President Obama) had the fortitude to finaly say: "Hey. Your not so special." Its important to get stuff like that laid out in the bare so we can focus on long term alliance's more beneficial to are well being. Iran. Pakistan. Syria. China. Not Israel. Etc.

UPDATE: Also Yeah. There DVDs dont even work right, yet whoever the minister in charge of dvd players is, he still keeps his job.

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Anon. said...

That thing forgot to mention that the uk's dvd players don't even work properly.