Sunday, March 22, 2009

Proof of Neocon Manipulation of American Minds

These "Tea Party" protests that there having (where I will probably be martyred on April 15 TBA). Well, if you want proof of the power of the neocons have to manipulate people, ask youself this: How come their are no Tea Party protests in other countrys? How come just America?

Other countrys protested the USA vs Iraq War (which was wrong).

Other countrys protested Bu$h destroying the world economy.

How come other countrys arent protesting President Obama's economic plans for the USA?

Because the neocons are still stirring up the pot here (probaly to try to derail President Obamas Presidentsy).


Anon. said...

"WHO: Everyone! Spread the word and email me to get a flyer to pass out.
SPEAKER?: we are working on getting a great speaker for the event and it will be awesome!"

Who is this mystery speaker?? Is it you, dean04prez (not real name)?

Also, am somewhat concerned at the possibility of passing out.
Is it really necessary?

Dean04Prez said...

No I am totaly going to crash the protest.

I wasd thinking of organizing a group of like-minded progressives, like myself with a goal of crashing neocon protests.

I thought about calling it protest warriors or something.

Two Dogs said...

I have a better name, "Creepy Sheeple." It looks really cool on t-shirts with blood dripping from the letters.

You can have the concept.

stoorat said...

wasd are my favorite leters.

UT2k4 ftw!

mack said...

Always listen to stoorat. He knows everything.