Saturday, March 21, 2009

States still trying to curtail individual rights.

I think in cases like this where individual civil rights are threatened, it is the duty of the Federal government to step in on behalf of the individual and say: "Hey, not on are watch!"


Anon. said...

Isn't this about freedom of expression?
Also, it's a lot like those stories of female teachers who committed the act of sex with one or more of their younger male pupils. If she's a good looking babe, that kid just scored! Same applies to a donkey or a dog.. it all depends on whether the girl in question is a fox. If on the other hand, the animal was penetrated, that's when we have to ask ourselves if the animal was lucky or unlucky and to what extent are we curtailing the penetrator's freedom of expression. Tough questions. I think we should all hold a public debate. Townhall meetings etc. Or put some really clever guy like chmoksy or yggie apply his mind to this problem and let us know the answer.

Dean04Prez said...

I think thats the only sane/logical way to address this issue