Friday, March 20, 2009

A Quote That Bares Repeating

In light of this allegation and the ongoing attempts by the neocons to paint are President (Obama) as some kind of buffoon (which is not fair), I am choosing to make a stand and stand by this statement by a noteable member of the Stop The Neocons community.

The DVD's were a better gift than the bomber jacket that Bush gave Brown, the Helicopters kind of go with the jacket.

I am certain that some trolls who always try to come to this blog and shoot down/misinterpretate anything said by progressive will have something unhelpful to say about this. In reply (preemptive), I would like to say that the author of that quote (above) is like a brother to me and is a valuable and upstanding member of this (STN2009) community.

So dont go giving him any guff (if you are a neocon troll).

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Anon. said...

They're so vicious, these people. You can be sure that were it to have been Bush giving away that dvd set, the media would be fawning and gushing about how unashamedly american Bush is and how this gift symbolizes america's cultural gift to the rest of the world. So it would've been had it been Bush. But because it's Obama they (especially the damn brits) seek out reasons to complain. Besides, I still claim Obama's gift was partly tongue in cheek. He just has that subtle humor about him and he's suave (unlike bush or that crazy woman they had up for vp). It's important to have a suave, cool-looking President. Having that cowboy around did a lot of harm to america's relations with its natural allies.