Friday, March 20, 2009

US Navy Special Olympics Fleet

They (Navy) usualy drive there boats pretty good, but once in a while their is a wreck. Like what happened today:

A U.S. Navy submarine collided with a Navy amphibious ship Friday in the
Strait of Hormuz, mildly injuring 15 sailors, according to the commander of the
U.S. Fifth Fleet.
The submarine, the USS Hartford, collided with the USS New
Orleans about 1 a.m. in the strait, which runs between Iran and the Arabian
Peninsula. It is one of the busiest commercial routes for oil tankers.

Driving the boat may seem like the Special Olympics but really there's more too it than that.


Anon. said...

That reminds me that pilots are really like bus drivers, except that they're in the air. It's nasty work really. Lots of middle of the night stuff, etc. I guess it requires some effort (being awake at such hours) But why do ppl make a big deal out of being a pilot but being a truck or bus driver is somehow unsexy?
As to the boat.. I dunno if it's difficult. Remember these are soldiers we're talking about here. Lacking in education, etc. If it would've been somebody like Yggie, this would never have happened.

Dean04Prez said...

You bring up a very valuable points there, Anon. We realy need more progressives in are armed forces (Navy, Coast Guard, etc)

Anon. said...

I never thought of it that way. You're right, I always took it for granted that most of these ppl are dhingers. That's why I could never really bring myself to care about those firemen in 9/11. I sort of wanted to care but all I could smell was dhingers doing dhinger-style so-called heroic stuff.

Dean04Prez said...

Its hard to care because they were (firefighters) just doing what they signed up for.

What we realy need also is more progressive fire fighters.