Friday, June 26, 2009

Sad News this week

It is with great sadness that I must make two breaking news anouncements:

  1. Farah Fawcett who was a real hot chick in the 60s is dead again.
  2. Two Dogs (not his real name) is apparently not NATIVE AMERICAN and is coming out of the closet.
Aparrently the faggotry is strong in #2.


Serr8d said...

You fucking idiot.

You haven't a clue.

Stop The Neocons Blog Guy said...

Your a faggoting idiot to. You shoudl really change your name to fel8ed because in your quest for faggotry you sucked a lot of d!cks (this is a family blog, bwt).

Anon. said...

ummm, how do u know for sure that two dogs isn't his real name?? or that he's not native american?
I feel like I missed a chapter here. Glad he's coming out of the closet tho'. How is his gf coping? I hope she's supporting him through this.


Serr8d said...

Hey, nice parody you've got going here! You had me fooled at first glance. Lefties really are idiots; you do a fine job needling their thin, pliable skins.

(BTW, haven't I seen you around somewhere before? )