Thursday, June 25, 2009

Funny Joke

John Kerry who was once ran for President against Bu$h had a real funny moment last night with a joke. But since I dont have a link for it (the story) I will have to paraphrase.

"You know how govenor Stanford went missing for all those days and he was really boning this chick in Argentina? Well too bad it could'nt have been Sarah Palin who went to Argentina to hook up!"

At least thats how I think it went. It could have been (punchline) like:

"Well its too bad he wasn't in Argentina boning Sarah Palin."

Either way its prety funny, huh? But all the neocons are like.....indignant about it. I mean come ON, its not like he is talking about govenor Stanford boning a underrage child? Get over it.

John Kery remains a CLASS ACT!


Two Dogs said...

Democrats like Kerry should never attempt to make jokes about sex, because, CLEARLY, he has never had sex.

Stop The Neocons Blog Guy said...

You dont know that, faggot.

Incidentaly Perez Hilton stil agrees that its okay to say faggot btw.

Two Dogs said...

Wait, you are Perez Hilton? That is just gay, you faggot.

Stop The Neocons Blog Guy said...

No. That is to say that Perez Hilton (not me) endorses use of the term faggot