Saturday, June 27, 2009


Is their anything hotter than a hot chick named Vanessa?


Two Dogs said...

Yeah, a hot Asian chick with green eyes, large breasts, and a thumping booty that likes to be tied up and just happens to be named Claire.

Just saying.

And your boyfriend, Kevin LaFontaine, is gonna get pissed if you keep talking about chicks.

Anon. said...

Two Dogs, what's special about being called 'Claire'?? (or is it only her ass that's called Claire?).

I'm kinda surprised to hear u rave about it 'cause word is u're coming out of the closet these days. How's that working out for you?


Two Dogs said...

The name Claire has always done something for me. Weird.

And yes, I am coming out of the closet. Get ready, Anon, I am coming for you.

Stop The Neocons Blog Guy said...

Reminder: this is a family blog