Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cross Post at Dont Trust Kevin LaFontaine Blog

This ad (vertisement) was just cross posted at Dont Trust Kevin LaFontaine blog:

There's going to be a book soon about not trusting Kevin LaFontaine. I predict
it will be a best seller. In order to get that project off the ground, I am
going to need the services of an illustrator (who draws pictures).

Position: Illustrator for planned Dont Trust Kevin LaFontaine Book

Hours: Negotiable but hurry up

Salary: Nothing up front but
maybe I can spot you a twenty down the road when this book is rocketing up the

If you are a illustrator or can draw good pictures about
reasons to not trust Kevin LaFontaine (many of which are listed here) then you
should totally contact me because this is going to be BIG TIME.


stoorat said...

I suck at drawing, but I could maybe put together an anti-Kevin LaFontaine theme song.

Will there be any royalties?

Stop The Neocons Blog Guy said...

Yeah its going to make us super rich, then Kevin LaFontaine will be real jealous

1138 said...

I bet Kevin LaFontaine is probably available to illustrate it.
All he would probably want is more pictures of you naked. He seemed to really enjoy the last ones you gave him.
And so it seems have you.

Stop The Neocons Blog Guy said...

Enough with the name calling already, dude. THis is a family blog!@

1138 said...

Any one other than Dean04Prez see name calling?

chirp chirp chirp


Get some help kid.

(yeah, the Manson Family Blog)