Monday, May 04, 2009

I have been remissed

I just realized that this blog (STNB(B)) has not been as complimentary to President Obama as it shoudl be. We (here) are not lavishing praise upon Him like we should and for that I have been remissed. Allow me to share this poem (ode) to Him and hope that I can make it all good in time.

Praise Obama, from whom all blessings flow
Keeper of are hearts
Protecter of libertys flame(s)
Winner of last elections
He is are president now, about this you (should) already know

His smile is enchanting just like that one reporter said
His ears, they hardly stick out at all
So what if his wife has expensive shoes
You cant judge a man by his wifes shoes
With the neocons up in arms, progressives are having a ball

So with this poetry, Mr Obama
We here at STNB(B) blog say
That were glad you are President now
Because Bush's failed presidentsy was no picnic
We love what your doing to are country now. Keep telling those neocons "yo mama".

Thats from the heart.


iraqwarnotright said...

Wow this pome brings tear's in my eyes

Stop The Neocons Blog Guy said...

its from the heart, bro

1138 said...

remiss not remissed