Monday, May 04, 2009

Again Let Search Engine Results Steer Topics (Here)

Apparently neocons are having problems geting jobs now that Bush is out of the whitehouse. As evidence I have is that one neocon found this blog by searching: "Right Wing Nut Jobs". And instead of going to or craigslist he came here. So hear are some suggestions for jobs for right wing nuts:
  • Landscaping: Perfect for right wing nuts because they dont have to be able to read. Just work a shovel and maybe promote to lawn mower.
  • Steel: Any thing you have to work with steel to do is perfect for right wing nuts. They call it fabricating because that sounds like a skill but its really just means building things. Anyone can do that. Plus the steel industry is being increasingly gay friendly to which all right wing nuts can appreciate.
  • Food Services: Because they have no skills or education, food services (Burger Kings) are perfect for right wing nuts. Not only can they get by without reading but theirs no math involved either. They just have to know what a burger looks like and push the coresponding button on the cashier screen. Counting is a plus. Also if their is a tragic grease accident, its no big deal because its just another right wing nut.
  • Cops: The cops are a great place for right wing nuts because they get to play with guns which right wing nuts love to do. The downside and reason they shouldnt be given jobs here is that cops are always visible and when they beat up on minoritys its all over the news and people think that there representaive of our population as a whole.
  • Tammy Bruce: Shes a poser and a right wing nut. Anyone could be her.

I hope this helps. Its not all the way comprehensive but should help steer some right wing nuts into jobs.

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