Wednesday, April 01, 2009


AH Hahahahahaha

Om My GOSH! I cant beleive I totaly got you all! AHhahaahaha

That was awesome! I am laughting so hard (on the inside) right now! Hahaha

Dont you know its April Fools day? Hahahha

I'm totaly going to share some of my hate mail later tonight when I am done reading it. Their is tons atm. Hahaha


Two Dogs said...

"atm" is just gross. You and Kevin LaFontaine need to stop that disgusting stuff.

NOTJakeTapper said...

HAha I totaly got you to! Your like: "delinked" hahahaha

April Fool, dude! AHHAHaha

iraqwarnotright said...

I fell so betrade.

mack said...

So who wrote the previous post for you with all the big words and no spelling mistakes?

NOTJakeTapper said...

Their was this guy (Paul Belcher) in journalism ethic class who is a real good writer and I'm like: "hey paul, can you help me pull this off"

Then I was like "No I mean this materful April Fool prank I am thinking of"

So he did it and the rest is history HAAAHAHAHAHHHHA

It was awsome!

stoorat said...