Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Real Name

I been tormented for a long time about how some other blogers are comeing out of the closet (proverbial) and blogging under there real name. Some say that the way to be recognized as a seriuos mainstream blogger is to only blog under your real name but I have not done that in the past for a variety of reasons:
  • Stalkers: I dont mind if hot chicks stalk me but there is also lots of weird guys out there and I'm not into that scene
  • Neocon violence: I have been threatened many times in the past for holding controversial viewpoints (hard hitting)
  • Religous intolerants: I worry that some of those other religions might be anti progressive and target me for undo persecution
All of those are valid reasons if I do say so myself but now that their is hope and change I can no longer live in fear and so for that reason I am going to start bloging with my own name.

Its true. My name is realy not Dean04Prez. Also its not NotJakeTapper and its def not Stop the Neocons Blog Guy.

My REAL real name will be in my profile just in case you wondered.


paul mitchell said...

You'll never fool me, Jake Tapper.

Trenton Powers said...

No. Its not NotJakeTapper. Its Trenton Powers.

paul mitchell said...

Dude, I am so glad that you called Obama out on Twittah last night.

Jake Tapper, you are a great journalist.

Tricia said...

You make it sound so funny. I recently got a cyber stalker. He started spamming my fibromyalgia blog. So annoying, leaving 8 to 10 comments a day for over a week now. He keeps leaving his email and even his home phone number for he to call him. Kind of creepy and funny. Mostly annoying. I love that you named yours. I hope he sees it. Very funny.

Trenton Powers said...

Its always awsome when beautiful hot chicks complement me. it happens ALL the time but never gets old.