Friday, September 04, 2009

Progressives: Stop Evoking Jesus

You know what?

When progressives are losing a fight about health care reform it is unseemly to evoke Jesus.

Remember how we dismiss and ridicule neocons because they stubbornly hang on to their guns and their religion? Well if we do that, then playing the Jesus card might appear to some moderates as hypocritical.

It gives cynical neocon claims that progressives are politicizing Jesus merit and opens the door for neocons to argue that progressives dont know how to talk to conservatives. They could argue that progressives are so far removed from middle America (which is what they refer to them selves as) that they think if they evoke Jesus, neocons will listen.

The dialog is so predictable:

Neocons: "We dont want public options!"
Progressives: "Its for your own good" (which argument might also cause an astute neocon to say: "I am an adult, I will decide whats for my own good).
Neocons: "We have a zillion dollars deficit we cant afford this"
Progressives: "What would Jesus do?" (this is where they screw up)
Neocons: "Jesus would heal the sick!"
Progressives: *bite off finger*

***It should be noted that some times even the most passionate progressive is sometimes prone to bouts of cannibalism. Those progressives represent the minority and we dont condone that even though the other guy hit first.

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