Monday, May 11, 2009

What the Supreme Court needs is this

What it (Supreme Court) needs to fill it's upcoming vacancy is some one who can be well spoken and energetic. A gifted orator and skilled states man.

Now I know the smart money is on Michelle Obama to being named to the Supreme Court and that would be awesom to because it would bring modern fashion into the mix as well. We would have the most stylish Supreme Court in the whole country. But still she (Michelle)(Obama) is *my* second choice because as cool as she would be, their is one betterL

Howard Dean

He has all the tools and experience: energetic, gifted orater and best of all he is real progressive (like me).

Think on that one for a while.

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stoorat said...

An interesting idea, but that Maddow dude thinks Hilary would be a good choice. Could you do a pro/con comparison between the two?