Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Probaly last post before I am going to die

Well the fatefull day is probaly here and as promised I am going to crash the SLC tea party protest.

My prospects for surviving this blood orgy dont look so good right now, especiall in light of this report from are department of homeland security. I am going into the (metaphorical) lions den (so to speak) from whence I will probalby not return. I am comforted, however in the knowing that yeah, although I walk into the neocon blood orgy of death I shall fear no evil because the light of progressive truth is with me.

If you are a neocon planning to be there today (SLC teaparty protest) and you plan to jump me, be warne that I will totaly kick the first three asses that try to kill me. After that I will probaly be too tired to fight back anymore and will submit to martyrdom with honor and dignity.

Damn teapartyers anyways, with there guns and religion and domestic beers and copenhagen snuff.

In the likely event that I dont return, I dont want MEANOL'MEANY to take over my (Stop The NEocons 2009 blog) blog. Hes probaly the one who is going to try and kill me first.

PS. Kevin LaFontaine is still a dick.

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stoorat said...

Dean, you'll be forever memorialized as a martyr to the cause. If you die, I shall personally write an original song in your honor, and even have it converted to guitar tab so uneducated musicians (damn public education) can learn to play it. It will become the National Anthem of the lefty truth-tellers.

Also, if worse comes to worst, can I have your iPod?