Sunday, April 12, 2009

Everybody's Dumb But Me

I can not stress it enough. It is important for us like-minded progressives (like us) to all get be on the same page with our message. Its frustrating because so many of them (us) are for some reason given to individual idea thoughts etc. In order for the movement to go forward, all progressives need to fall in line with the collective message and not be given to individual thinking (w/out talking points on hand)(memorized, etc).

Like this weekend I spent a lot of time on Twitter and while the neocons were all there usual irrational and hatefull selfs, the progressives (all of us like minded, btw) seemed unorganized and way to individualistic for our own good. I submit the following exchanges as proof:

Dean04PrezLooking for stats re: number of people arrested at all previous #teaparty 's vs number of progressives arrested at RNC last year #tpot #p2

Dean04PrezOur jails and prisons must be crammed by now with deranged #teaparty types, considering we've already survived several dozen #tcot #tpot #p2

Dean04PrezProgressive fear of the #teaparty movement must therefore be based on what we have already observed: uncontrolled violence. #tcot #tpot #p2

Dean04PrezHow about an example easier to research: Total #teaparty arrests nationwide vs Total antiwar arrests in Petaluma in 3/2006. #tpot #tcot #p2

No replies. I mean ALL like minded progressives know that these so-call Tea-Party protests have been veritable blood orgies but when examined from a reality based community point of view you have to ask: "what good does it does to say things like this and not be able to provide sources?" So if any one (readers) can forward this information I will get it to people that matters (daily kos, Matthew Yglesias, etc).

Then theres this:

Dan_Schwartz: Obama brother accused of attempting to do to woman what Clinton actually did to Juanita Broderick #tcot #sgp

Dean04Prez@Dan_Schwartz Only if you count a 13 year old girl as "a woman"

Dan_Schwartz@Dean04Prez Then who speaks for her victim? Dead is dead, no matter if the murderer is a teenager, a gang banger, or elderly #tcot

I was like "huh?" Then I remembered he was probaly a neocon and did not understand:

@Dan_Schwartz You misunderstood. Samson Obamas alleged victim was a 13 yr old girl. Should we characterize a child as a woman? #tcot
Because facts were facts and Samson Obama was banned from (not so)Great Britian for alleged molesting a child. Not a woman.

Then it was like

@janehamsher Care to comment re: your info source for claiming foxnews funding of #teaparty movement yet? #tcot

Because the neocons are totaly trashing her for alleged ducking a question. I was hoping to help disseminate her message / wisdom, etc. No Reply.

Then this happened: President Obama, the brilliant statesman, military tactician and renowned oratorical master orchestrated the daring Navel raid on those pirates who had that one dude kidnapped:

TPO_Hisself: @Num3r1cal how much ransom was paid to the terrorists tho?

The implication of said statement being that the daring commando raid amounted to little more than a attempt to pay a bounty, so I interjected (highlight was my interjeculation):

RT @TPO_Hisself: @Num3r1cal how much ransom was paid to the terrorists tho? From the looks of it, 1-3 bullets per pirate. #tcot #tpot #p2

Because spectacular Obama style military operations could ONLY result in a staggering, one-sided victory for the side armed first and foremost with PROGRESSIVE IDEALS.

Then next thing I know I saw:

Wow, I have made three comments to Libtards and got TWO blocks. They are terrified of being proven worng. #tcot

And I was instantly like:

@meanolmeany BLOCKED!

Because he is a troll. Then I said something like:

Captain Phillips jumping into the drink and giving the SEALS a chance to take out the pirates: Perfectly orchestrated by Obama #tcot #tpot

And my new twitter friend was all:

@Dean04Prez It is amazing that they gave you the details of the operation. So far they are not must be a really TCOT.

At first I was thinkgin: "Yeah, I am in the know, so to speak." But then I realized she called me a conservative which is way out of line. So I'm like:

@capecodgurl All I know is what little info the government has released. Have you read the press releases yet?

And she is all:

@Dean04Prez uh Huh..we know the Capt jumped. Nothing more about the details and the SEALS role...other than the ending.
@Dean04Prez They are now reporting that Navy shortened towline, pirates came out, snipers killed them THEN Capt Jumped. wait for the facts.

So in a spirit of mutual information sharing I provided the link which incidentally appears to show that HER summarization of the video was close, what was missing (no doubt because of character limit) was that her information was based on incomplete reporting and selective editing from the neocon controlled media:

@capecodgurl <---Source

Then later she is all like:

@capecodgurl Who's in charge of the military? Who gives ths kind of high level order? Wld the military EVER act w/out Chief ok? #TCOT

And I reply:

@capecodgurl Actually, the ranking officer on scene is "in charge" and generally has authority to act under certain circumstances. #tcot

Even though it is already established that President Obama single-handedly orchestrated the most daring and spectacular military operation since those German guys rescued them Jewish athletes from somewhere. I was nothing, if not helpfull. Then the neocon trolls came in and were like:

Katsuey@Dean04Prez wasn't that nice of pres. pantywaist? of course it was AFTER Phillips tried to rescue himself the first time #tcot

Which is completely unreasonable (I will cover that in a few paragraphs). I parried:

@Katsuey I am stuck at work and unable to watch the news live. So from what I read, Obama took the safe route and decisively reaffirmed SOP.

@Katsuey It was a stellar display of bravery on his part

Which totaly shot down that argument. So then I said:

Remember. All criticism of Obama: unfair & unfounded. All criticism of Bush: moderate, reasoned & appropriate. #tcot

Then here what gets me: Another fellow like-minded progressive (alot like me) thought *I* was trolling! Its way frustrating.

@Dean04Prez exactly true #tcot sheep, bush had 8 years to screw up everything, obama has been president for 11 weeks. no comparison dip

So I'm like: "DUDE, THATS WHAT IM SAYING!!! But I said it like this:

@forklifter Agreed. Criticism of Obama during his first 3months NOTHING like Bush (conspiracy theories re:stolen election) first 3 months.

No reply.

And that is why I am convince that in the end, everyone is dumb but me. Its realy hard work sometimes being the progressive voice of reason.


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