Monday, February 25, 2008

Life In SPace Discovered

According to this story, some scientists in Indiana discovered some signs of Type IV extraterrestrial life in a galaxy 13000 light years away.

It is the furthest galaxy on the record. The galaxy Abell 1835 IR1916 is located about 13,230 million light-years away. Hence, it is seen at a time when the Universe was merely 470 million years young, that is, barely 3 percent of its current age.

BTW that part realy stuck it to the evangelicals who thought that Earth was only 6 milion years old.

Scientists are finding extraterrestrial influence in this galaxy. It seems the galaxy was engineered and fit into place by artificial forces

This is the part where I hope the forces of science urge caution. See the only kind of civilizatoin capable of doing thi is a type IV civilization. Not a type III or a Type V. Type IV. That means that we need to proceed cautiously. Type IV civilizations always have this way of destroying first and ask questions later. One need only look no farther then Star Trek III Wrath of Kahn and the next one (Search for Spock) to know the dangers inherit with dealing with Type IV civilizations who can engineer galaxies, especially galaxies 13000 million years ago. If they could do that back then, think of how bad they can screw up with 130000 million years of science advance now.

Just something to think about.

*EDIt to add a thought: Type IV civilizations are like the neocons of the cosmos.


Anon. said...

good point about the advances they must've made with the 13000 million years they've had since then. Their being neocons is debatable. Remember that Bush is a chimp. Regressive, not progressive. Rove was evidently kind of smart but ultimately dhingerism is self-defeating - it simply cannot work - so if they still exist, they became progressive and politically correct.

stoorat said...

All I want to know is--if they attack our galaxy, will all that time I spent back in the 80s blowing up asteroids and invaders (I was very conservative back then (foolish youth)) pay off?

I need an answer soon, because I have a therapy session on Wednesday ("hump day") (heh) and I'd really like to finally get to tell Mom (not her real name) that it turns out she was oppressing me all those years that I only got a $2/week allowance (I wasn't very good, and 8 quarters only lasted me, like, 15 minutes).

At last, vindication!